TP 430R Package for Mercedes 45 AMG

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TP 430R Package for Mercedes 45 AMG

Unleash the true potential of your car..

With our Package power is raised dramatically to 435BHP while maintaining warranty as it is completely undetectable when removed due to the advanced active reset technology. This also stops the car being able to detune itself. This Package includes a High Flow 45AMG Intake to allow the car to breathe better and produce more power

Our systems are tried and tested worldwide to ensure reliable sevice for years to come. Packed with advanced features including RPM over run protection and Warm up mode it looks after your car while giving you real power gains.


We recommend using this system with 97ron+ or US93 Fuel however our systems have selectable mapping to use all fuel types.


Gains are:

 +80bhp / 135nm (Pe-Facelift) - 430bhp / 580nm

 +65bhp / 110nm (Face Lift) - 435bhp / 580nm 


Package Contains:


  • Power Module Module
  • Air Intake Kit 4 Inch 
  • Wiring Loom
  • Cable Ties
  • Fitting Instructions
This kit fits all 45 AMG Models (A45, CLA45 and GLA45) including 355BHP and 381bhp models.


All systems come with a 2 year Guarantee with full UK support, EU Customers will have 20% VAT added at checkout.

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    Stage 1.5 kit

    Posted by Mohit Sharma on 21st Jul 2017

    Wow. That's the first thing I said after I installed the stage 1.5 kit. Like actually amazed how much of a difference it made. I tested it on an on ramp to a freeway (which I usually hit about 75ish mph) but I hit 101 mph with this!!!! That was with the initial program. I use race fuel every now and then so yesterday when I went ahead and changed it to the race fuel setting it went even faster. I've used a lot of piggybacks on my other cars but none made such a difference as this product. Yes it took a while to get it(2 weeks haha) but definitely worth he wait. Now I'm planning to get a downpipe soon from Tricolore. I definitely recommend this product because it's super easy to install, its cost effective, and its works as advertised!!!!!!!

  • 5
    Plug and play that works

    Posted by Justin on 9th Jul 2017

    Easy install, great it has the adjustable maps for easy upgrades and 100% noticeably torque gains throughout the rev rangs.

  • 5
    Outstanding package

    Posted by Chris on 6th Jul 2017

    Excellent quality, great instructions, easy to install. The gains are instantly felt. Looking forward to going to the stage 2 soon and possibly the 3 or 4 in the near future.

  • 5
    Don't tell my missus...

    Posted by Ben on 5th Jul 2017

    18 months ago. I made up my mind. Sat at the lights one day I saw a Jupiter Red A45 AMG....squat, shake and go like a desperate dog when it enters the garden. It was simply sublime, watching this red beauty shatter the hopes and dreams of a Corsa VXR driver and his 14 year old girlfriends. This car is perfect I thought to myself, it sounded amazing as it crunched it's way up through the gears, and just looked very sporty/aggressive even, the sort of car that extends appendages and attracts the opposite sex I thought.... Sadly, my wife told me she'd divorce me if I bought a Corsa VXR so I had to settle for the A45 AMG instead. Anyway, I've had the car 11 months now, it's great to drive and a real ice breaker, for each and every opportunity I'd have had to pull a young lady should I have bought the Corsa, I've had twice as many old men chat me up in petrol stations all over the land. "Bet that goes alright mate" they say - "not as well as your missus" I respond, quietly and under my breath because I'm afraid of confrontation. Truth is, it did go 'alright' when I bought it. Quickest car I've ever owned, but my god was it a bit bland with its delivery. Here was this car with a great big flamboyant 'penis extension' aerodynamics package and 381bhp engine, but barely any excitement. The power delivery was devoid of enthusiasm. It was like a soulless traffic warden writing tickets on a summers day at the beach, it was doing its job well, but it didn't feel like it could really be arsed, if you own a standard A45, tell me this isn't true? I knew I had to fix this issue, so I looked into tuning and I found this package. Tricolore are a great company to deal with, accessible, friendly, incredibly knowledgable. I told my missus I was spending a hundred quid on the car (because everyone knows that lies and deceit are the cornerstone of any long and successful relationship) - truth is, it didn't matter how much it was....because what a great investment it turned out to be. I can honestly say, if for some reason I was forced to return my car to OEM again, I'd sell the car. Standard trim is Theresa May without makeup, Stage 1.5 is Scarlett Johansson in that strange film where she gets naked a lot. They don't even compare. Why AMG didn't make the car behave like this from the factory I don't know. 11/10 Highly recommended, I'd have been happy to pay twice as much plus AMG Tax in actual fact. A good friend of mine recently spent circa £65k on a C63, but twice that on laundry bills to wash the salty tears out of his pillows because his car is slower than mine to three digits (closed circuit in Bolivia, professional racing drivers only) If you can't buy a Corsa, this is the next best thing. Do it.